Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Paying websites

so there are many websites that say they will pay you if you click advertisements. So far i've tried around five and only two hve works those two are neobux and prizerebel.

For neobux you will start by only earning around a few cents per day. But after a while you will start earing money by either earning referrals or by buying them which will cost you money from either your account or paypal. You can also use this on social networks such as facebook or myspace. i have earned over $250 by this website. it has taken me a while but now i am making around $75 a month.

For prizerebel you earn credits, this doesn't earn you money. Instead it earns you credits for prizes. the prizes are memberships for many websites like club penguin. Also like video games, consoles for video games, and also gold cards for x-box 360 and more! The best thing is that you can is you can post your referral link on facebook or myspace. Your referrals also earn you around 20% points.

Beware these are the only ones that ive tried that work. The ones i tried that don't work are (treasure trooper, cashcrate, and happy moneymaking

Wednesday, September 9, 2009

I looked at Yahoo Answers these past couple of days and i was semi dissapointed. I asked a question about an xbox and people would post answers on how to earn money. I looked at a few on babies, and still some had a few on how to earn money. They need to start filtering what people can post on certain subjects. (example: Lets say you went to pregneacy and went under babies and said" What diapers are better disposable or washable?") someone would probably say go to certain website to earn money to buy the diapers.) So if you see what i'm saying people just put up random websites. Or another example is people put up a serious question and people just laugh at it. Like once a guy had a girlfriend in France and she wrote him a lvoe letter and asked what it said because he couldn't speak French. People made fun and made up stuff and said she hates you, she wants to break up, she thinks you are a sea urchin. I translated it, it took me a while but it said "Dear love, I love you so much. I can't wait until next week so i can come and visit you." Do you think that sounds like she wants to break up? So by these two examples you'll see how i am pretty dissapointed with yahoo answers.

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collins french english translator

I got a new ipod touch about a year ago i thought i was going to go to France this year so I bought this app. i was pretty impressed you look up one word it says how you say it and also different phrases that have that word in it. So if you want to go to France or just want to learn French you want this app.
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Tuesday, September 8, 2009

prizerebel review

this is my review of I looked it up and they said it was a scam on multiple websites, but i thought "hey i was bored why not try and see if it works. So i did and guess what? It workedon it for a few weeks and i got multiple prizes. So you may ask how do i earn points for Prizerebel? There are many ways to do this: You may refer your friends under your referal link, do offers to earn points, and finally you can post your link on FAcebook, Myspace, Hi5 or anyother social websites.

So if you do decide to join please help me earn a few points and sign up under this link: